Halfway There

As I am approaching my halfway point of blogging, I am starting to learn many things about myself.

  1. I have explored why photography and Photoshop are my passions.
  2. I am able to see the progress I have made. In the beginning I was following tutorials and slowly I started to incorporate my own ideas into the tutorials I followed. Now I am able to think of a way to edit the picture, and not need a tutorial to achieve my goal.
  3. I am now starting to be inspired by other people and their work. An example of this would be the blog lensaddiction. This is the link to their blog: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/404689 I highly recommend looking at it. I have been inspired by many of their photographs and even tempted to try some of them or edit my pictures in Photoshop to get a similar result. My favourite post of theirs is the “Dark Moody Food Photography” because it was accomplished using the different camera adjustments and lighting, however, I want to try achieving it using Photoshop instead.

I am proud to see the progress I have made throughout these few weeks of blogging. I have been to competitions for my photography, and I am able to essentially create my own Photoshop tutorials for others to use.


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