Why Photography?

Photography is something I have always enjoyed. It is very difficult to be passionate about something when other people tend not to be very supportive of it. Photography is not accepted by the arts as being an art, however, it takes tons of skill to not only capture a moment, but to crop it, edit it, and transform the picture completely using editing softwares. There are many technological aspects that need to be understood in order to be an effective photographer. A few of these aspects are: aperture, shutter speed, iso, exposer, etc. I can go into further detail about these in the future, however, this is just an idea of the aspects that need to be understood.

Although there is not much support with having a passion such as photography, I have been luckily blessed with a family that has always supported me with my interests, whether that be basketball, softball, piano, or photography. My step mom, Karina, started her own photography business a while ago, and when I was little I would help her set up her studio and watch her in awe.

Cinque terre


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